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Στα όπλα. Διαθέσιμο είναι πλέον το Gears of War 4 στα καταστήματα.

Ήδη έχει εξαιρετικές κριτικές (τόσο για τον τεχνικό τομέα, όσο και για το gameplay) και με τον ‘βαρύ’ τίτλο ενός Gears, ελπίζουμε να είναι ο τίτλος που θα μας κρατήσει οnline πολλά (πολλά) βράδια. 🙂

To Gears ανήκει στα ‘Xbox Anywhere’ παιχνίδια, που σημαίνει ότι όποιος το αγοράσει θα έχει πρόσβαση τόσο στην PC (Windows 10) όσο και στην Xbox One έκδοσή του.

Today, we’re thrilled to celebrate the official release of Gears of War 4 with fans around the world.


Available exclusively on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, Gears of War 4 marks the beginning of a new saga for one of the most acclaimed videogame franchises in history. Set 25 years after the end of Gears of War 3, Gears of War 4 has been a hit with critics and who have described the game as the “best-looking game on Xbox One” and “stunning in 4K.”


“Gears of War 4 is the culmination of an incredible journey and almost three years of passion and dedicated work by our studio team,” said Rod Fergusson, Studio Head at The Coalition. “Whether you’ve been a fan from day one or have never played a Gears game before, Gears of War 4 is a great opportunity to jump in as we kick off an all-new saga.”


Gears of War 4 encourages players to “Never Fight Alone” with cross-play on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC across all modes (campaign, Horde and Co-op versus) and versus multiplayer cross-play in private matches. As an Xbox Play Anywhere title, you’ll get both versions with one digital purchase and be able to switch seamlessly between them, as all game progress, Gamerscore and Achievements are saved on and accessible through Xbox Live. Whether you enjoy battling the Swarm in co-op, fending for survival in the new Horde 3.0 mode or testing your skills in frenetic Versus multiplayer matches running in 60 FPS on dedicated servers, Gears of War 4 is the ultimate game to play with friends.


Life has been a blur following our “Gone Gold” celebration last month. We’ve had the opportunity to meet so many Gears fans during the Gears of War 4 Live launch broadcast from Los Angeles, as well as events in New York, Atlanta, Miami, London, Sydney and Mexico City promoting the game’s launch. Read more at