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Και επίσημα ξεκίνησε το “ταξίδι” του προς το gaming κοινό το Fable: The Journey καθώς σύμφωνα με την ομάδα ανάπτυξης έφτασε στο “Gold” στάδιο της ανάπτυξης.

Με το παιχνίδι να κυκλοφορεί στις 12 Σεπτεμβρίου και τη δοκιμαστική έκδοση να είναι προγραμματισμένη για το Xbox LIVE Marketplace για τις 17 Σεπτεμβρίου, η Lionhead έδωσε επίσης στη δημοσιότητα και τη λίστα με τα Achievements του Fable: The Journey τα οποία υπάρχουν στα “περισσότερα”. Προσοχή, ίσως κάποια περιέχουν πληροφορίες για τη βασική ιστορία του παιχνιδιού.

Pest Control –Kill ten stingers in five seconds. 10G
Hobbe Juggler – Fling a hobbe into the air twice without letting it touch the ground. 10G
Boom-erang – Kill a hobbe bomber by bouncing his own bomb back at him. 10G
The Whites of their Eyes – Kill a charging balverine at the last possible moment. 10G
Return of the Black Knight – Use Drag to completely dismantle a hollow man. 10G
Trollololol – Defeat a troll without taking any damage. 20G
B-B-Q – Flame-grilled wings, anyone? 10G
Great Balls of Fire – Kill three non-flying enemies with a single Fireball spell. 10G
Shardly a Problem – Kill three enemies with a single Shard spell. 10G
Five Billion Candle Power – Burn the corruption from three creatures with a single Light spell. 10G
Mind Your Manas – Use four different spell types to kill a single creature. 20G
Toasty – Kill a creature by throwing it into lava lavamolten rock. 10G
Bam! – Kill ten creatures with explosive barrels. 20G
Flail – Kill 500 enemies. 20G
Epic Flail – Kill 1,000 enemies. 40G
Fore! – Kill three enemies with thrown objects. 10G
Reflectology – Use Counter or Push to kill 15 enemies with their own attacks. 20G
Fear of Flying – Kill 20 enemies by launching them into the air and killing them before they land. 30G
Hard Shoulder – Drag a travelling enemy to their death. 10G
Roadkill – Kill an enemy by running them over with your cart. 10G
Cartmageddon – Use magic to kill 30 enemies from the comfort of your cart. 10G
Pimp My Cart – Hang any Hero Doll from your cart. 5G
Wheeee! – Have some fun while on rails. 5G
I Used To Be an Adventurer – Remove three arrows from Seren without hurting her. 10G
Happy Camper – Try out every camp activity. 20G
Why the Long Face? – Heal ten wounds on Seren. 10G
Long Sustained Attacks – Fully upgrade a spell. 30G
Sparrow – Purchase five upgrades. 10G
Chicken Chaser – Purchase ten upgrades. 20G
Hero – Purchase 15 upgrades. 30G
For Every Chest, a Consequence – Open 15 chests. 30G
Test Your Medal – Earn your first Medal in Arcade Mode. 10G
Heavy Medal – Earn a Bronze Medal in every Arcade Mode challenge. 20G
Pedal to the Medal – Earn a Silver Medal in every Arcade Mode challenge. 40G
Medal Gear Solid – Earn a Gold Medal in every Arcade Mode challenge. 60G
No Claims Bonus – Complete The Last Stand in Arcade or Story Mode without taking any damage 20G
Off the Chain – Achieve a kill chain of 40 during Arcade Mode. 20G
If I Only Had a Brain – Destroy all 20 Arcade Mode Scarecrows. 30G
The Open Road – And so our story begins. 20G
Saved by the Sun – Escape! 20G
In the Palm of Your Hand – Take care of an old friend. 20G
Footloose – He’s holding out for a Hero. 20G
Shoo! – Come face to face with a monster. 20G
Off the Menu – Turn the tables on an old enemy. 20G
Going Underground – Leave no stone unturned. 20G
Alas, Poor Nodsy! – I knew him, Mugsworth 10G
A Job for Life – Destroy a man’s livelihood, for the greater good. 10G
Mind over Matter – Wake Up 20G
The Long Road Home – Catch up with the rest of the tribe. 20G
Don’t Stop Believing – How do we succeed? We believe. 100G